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Music Affect Your Body and Mind

Music helps to recover from brain injuries

Many people experienced cerebral damage have speech and movement-related problems. As an alternative and effective treatment, doctors often recommend such patients to listen to good music to stimulate the parts of the brain responsible for these two functions. When people with neurological disorders caused by a stroke or Parkinson’s disease hear a musical beat, it helps them to regain a symmetrical walk and sense of equilibrium.

Music staves off the loss of hearing

Surely, music will not cure deafness but it really can prevent the loss of hearing. There was an experiment involving 163 people where 74 were musicians.

Participants were asked to pass some listening tests. Musicians heard the sounds better than non-musicians, and this difference gets more evident with aging. This means that a 70-year-old musician hears better than a 50-year-old non-musician, even in a noisy environment.

Music heals a broken heart

No, it is not about a cast-off love, but about a heart attack. The matter is music can help people recovering

Tricks When Learning the Piano

* Learn your music theory:

I’m sure you weren’t expecting this one. Learning theory when you just want to sit on the bench in front of the piano and start playing? Well, only by understanding some of the theory you will be able to evolve and become a better pianist. You don’t have to dig it all in, but knowing some of the theory will help you play any music you want.

* Listen to a lot of piano music:

When you are learning the piano, you have to train different things. You train your eyes to read, you train each one of your hands to play the piano, but you also need to train your ear. You need to be able to identify the notes that are being played.

What you can do, for example, is to get a piano music CD and just listening to it. You can start by trying to identify the notes. As soon as you evolve, you can try to identify chord patterns and intervals.

When you

Basics of Electric Guitar Pedals

The most famous guitar pedal is probably the wah pedal. The wah pedal, getting its name from its trademark “wah wah” sound, is a pedal commonly associated with guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine.) It is controlled like a gas pedal on a car, pushing down and up adjusts the filter that creates the “wah wah” effect. A good song to hear this on is Rage Against The Machine’s “Bulls on Parade” or the intro to Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child.”

The next two pedals are reverb and delay. Reverb creates an instant echo that is comparable to yelling in a cathedral or a large open building. Delay is another type of echo, however it is multiple controlled repeats. There are many types of delays, but they mainly fall into the categories of analog or digital delays. The most prominent user of delay pedals is The Edge of U2. Listen to any U2 song and there is likely the extreme use of delay and reverb to create lush soundscapes.

The final types of pedals we’ll

Popular Music Genres in the World

• Rock music – Perhaps the most influencing genre of music, rock, also known as rock and roll, has left a mark in almost every artist’s record. Rock music was an offshoot of the original classical melody. However, it is centered on the electric guitar. Rock itself has several sub-variations, such as classical rock, hard rock, indie rock and many more.

• Pop music – Pop music is an abbreviated version of the term ‘popular music.’ Pop music was born in the 1950s, and was more like a modified extension of rock and roll. Live performances became popular, and with time, pop music has also begun to encourage rhythm, beats, and dancing. This genre was made internationally popular by artists like Madonna and Michael Jackson.

• Electronic Dance Music – With the burst of clubs and discos, electronic dance theme, promoted everywhere as EDM, became an instant hit. Disc jockeys everywhere began to experiment with dance music, and the trend of remixing popular songs to make them suitable for club dancing, and using synthetic instruments became a hot trend.

• Country music – True to its name, this form of music traces its origin to

Pop Classical Music Fusion

People have gotten too overly significant in their thinking about these two genres they have made-up; ‘pop’ and ‘classical.’ There are far more arguments in favor of their similarity than their differences. One need only point out that the two most similar periods of music, in terms of musical practice are Baroque and Jazz; in both musical practices, musicians read from chord charts and improvised.

A composer like Beethoven, who had the need to reinvent himself to the degree that music historians had to put his musical output into three periods, tended to foreshadow future musical periods. One of my favorite things to do in music school was to play a very late Beethoven piano sonata for a fellow music student and ask them who was the composer. They didn’t know but Count Basie came up quite a bit.

I used to horrify fellow musicians in the symphony by pointing out how similar to Gershwin certain parts of The Rite Of Spring by Igor Stravinsky were. These comments were treated as utter sacrilege but it turns out, in interviews, Stravinsky confessed to being quite fond of American Jazz and worked the ‘primitive sounds’ into his compositions.

Jazz Guitar Improvising

Pat Martino was exposed to the guitar at a very early age due to the fact that his dad was a vocalist who also happened to play the guitar. He listened to recordings from his father’s record collection including albums by jazz guitar players Eddie Lang, Django Reinhardt, and Johnny Smith. Pat received some lessons from a cousin of his and then studied with a famous regional guitar player by the name of Dennis Sandhole.

By the time he was fifteen years old Pat was playing in concert with the rhythm and blues bands of Lloyd Price, Willis Jackson, and others. In the early 1960s Martino played in combos led by different organists including the likes of Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Jack McDuff, and Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes. He then worked as a side man with numerous other jazz groups such as those of saxophonists Sonny Stitt and John Handy.

In 1967 Pat Martino made the first of numerous recordings on the Prestige record label as leader of his own group. Within one year his extraordinary guitar technique and complex yet melodic improvisations brought excellent praise from jazz critics and fans alike. In the beginning, Martino’s playing

Make Your Music Recording Successful at Home

A great alternative to recording a song in a studio is to do the same at home. You could hire recording equipment or probably set up one all by yourself with the basic amenities that would aid in recording a music track. Here are a few tips that could help you gain perfection to the recording at home and not spend money in professional recording studios.

• Remove noisy elements – Appliances and gadgets like fans and air-conditioners tend to create sound in the background while you record. If may not be audible to the human ear but the recorder grasps the noise. These elements make the track noisy and, therefore, disturbing the process.

• Arrange for good acoustic conditions in the room – Wooden floors, tiled walls, counter tops, etc. are known to be highly reflective and allow your recording to echo. Glass windows too become a spoilt sport and affect the recording. Covering the floor with carpets, windows with curtains, etc. can make the room warm and cosy for the voice to get captured well in the recording.

• Keep the recording microphone away from the computer – The computer screen that lets

About Techno Artists & Music

Detroit Techno

Detroit Techno is a subdivision of the techno genre which generally includes some of the earliest techno productions from Detroit. Detroit techno had its largest audience in the Atlantic. Some of the most common techno music artists include Underground Resistance, Mike Banks, Blake Baxter, Kevin Saunderson, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Eddie Fowlkes and Juan Atkins. Some of these artists used whatever technology they had in their reach and initiated music with epic synth sounds and engaging driving grooves. I could never list a top ten of tracks from this genre as it changes all the time, but a personal favourite label was always the Red Planet series. This label seen some fantastic releases in the mid-90s. I witnessed both Ghostdancer and Stardancer in particular causing some serious mayhem when played out in clubs.

Dub Techno

Another famous sub category of the techno genre, dub techno is quite distinctively un-show-y, doesn’t try to wow or stun and is never overreaching. I could probably put the dub techno sound alone being the reason I wanted to produce techno music. Nothing more do enjoy still to this day is generating those lush minor chords on a

Get a Great Singer for Your Event

Learn about the Pricing

What is your budget? You need to think about that before you hire a singer for a party. They need to be able to fulfil the obligation for the amount of money you have available. It doesn’t hurt to ask them to negotiate though. They may be willing to do it for the price you offer rather than their asking price. If they can’t, then you have to look for another provider.

The amount of time you will hire them for can influence price. If you want to hire a singer for a party and no one else, you may have to reduce the amount of time they perform in order for it to fit your budget. Be flexible with your terms and options and you will find a way to make it all work out.

Listen to their Music

Take the time to really listen to their music too. Don’t hire a singer for a party based on the way they sound with one particular song. You may love that one, but how is their voice for a full range of songs? The more you hear from them the

Ideal First Instrument

I have played the piano since I was in the third grade. Although the lessons only lasted a little over a year as my teacher moved away, I loved the keys, the challenge, and the fun of coordinating left and right hands while transferring notes on a page to movement across the keys. Although practicing has been sporadic, including dedicated weeks of hitting the keyboard every day to long droughts of nothingness, when I return to my dedicated mode, I just love the relaxation and mind-hand coordination that the piano brings.

My husband is also a great lover of music. Unfortunately, he did not take piano lessons or take any instrument classes in school and so he missed out on this adventure. Desiring to learn to play now, he considered the guitar but felt his fingers were too wide and rigid for quick fingerings over the strings. The piano appeared too complicated and so he finally settled on the harmonica. Our daughter had given him one as a gift a few birthdays ago and so we drug it out of the closet and he began to play. I do mean play because even with a novice, it

Buying Vinyl Records

You will also find that the vinyl can give you a certain style which is beneficial. They are very slim and yet large is overall size, but this can make them the perfect choice based on your storage solution. You will find more vinyl on a shelf than you will CDs and if you are looking at building a collection and having an extensive range of genres to enjoy, then vinyl may be the way to go now and moving forward.

The great thing when you buy a vinyl is you have a physical copy of the song or album that you enjoy. While downloading music is great and convenient and sometimes more affordable, you never have a tangible item you can touch and read. With a vinyl you get that item, you can read through the song list and make your selection.

Of course you are investing is what today is considered “vintage.” Vinyl were the top choice for music up to around the late 1970’s when cassette tapes all became the rage. While they may be considered a vintage item, they are increasing in popularity again with turntables being readily available in a number

Jazz Guitar Standards

Kenny was lucky to have a musical background. His father was a banjoist, his mother a pianist, and both brothers were guitarists. Many of Burrell’s friends at the Miller High School in Detroit were musicians including jazz pianist Tommy Flanagan and bassist Calvin Jackson. His music director at school was Louis Cabrara and he proved most influential in helping to form Kenny’s musical career. It is intriguing to note that other ex-pupils of Miller High School were vibraphonist Milt Jackson and saxophonists Yusef Lateef and Pepper Adams.

Kenny Burrell’s early heroes were jazz guitar players Charlie Christian and Oscar Moore. By 1948 he already was well-respected in his area for his guitar skill. He played in lots of groups in the Detroit area including a spell in 1951 with trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie at the Club Juana. In 1955 he led his own group, then left to replace jazz guitar player Herb Ellis in the Oscar Peterson Trio. Burrell stuck with Peterson for only 6 months and then left Detroit to settle in New York.

After showing up in New York in 1956 Kenny Burrell was first contracted by pianist Hampton Hawes. Burrell did spend some time

Tom Hess Guitar Lessons

Immediately I noticed a review of Tom Hess’s guitar lessons by Mike Philippov. I’ve seen his guitar playing in several videos on YouTube, and he can really play. In his review, Philippov talks very highly of Hess and makes a very convincing case – Hell, with those kind of chops, he must be doing something right.

After Google, I tried YouTube. I got many results, but the one at the top was a video with tons of reviews by actual Tom Hess guitar students. A lot of people seem to have really benefited from his lessons, and many of the can really play.

In the end, I felt pretty intrigued by all the positive results people were receiving. I found other results with negative things to say about Hess, but they all came in the form of “I can’t stand Hess”, “I hate Tom Hess” and so on. Not much for me to go on there, but then again, I tend to steer clear of blind, vitriolic internet hate.

Quick Review: Tom Hess’s Music Career Mentoring Program

The first Tom Hess music careers mentoring program review I came across was by someone named Lee

Mix Your Songs for Radio and TV

Only high quality music is played on radio and TV; therefore, you should ensure that yours if of high quality. If you don’t have the production skills you should ensure that a professional handles the production part. In addition to ensuring that the music you produce is of high quality you should also ensure that the sound quality is good.

Remember that many people listen to radio through cheap car speakers, ear buds and boomboxes. This means that if your song won’t come out great on these devices, many listeners won’t be pleased with it.

To ensure that your song sounds great on these devices you should play your music using different devices and listen to how it sounds. For example, you should patch the music into car-stereo speakers or bookshelf speakers. You should also dub the mix to a CD and play it through PC speakers or boombox. You should then listen and adjust it accordingly. Experts recommend that you should mix at nominal volume level. This is to ensure that you are able to hear all the parts clearly.

When recording the music you should avoid cluttering it. This calls for you to

Info of Guitar Accessories

One of the most important things is spare strings. Why? Because the original strings will only last so long and when they break, that’s it. Having the right strings on hand will mean you simply exchange the broken one for a new one and you’re back strumming in no time.

Another important thing to have is a good strap. This is especially important if you will be standing up to play, but it also keeps the guitar stable and easier to play. Along with this is strap locks, again, very important as you don’t want your guitar to fall off the strap and break. These are super cheap but can help you avoid potential disaster and a costly fix to your instrument.

Finger picks are something every guitarist needs. The experts say to start with the thinnest you can find and gradually work your way up to determine the one that you like the best. Picks can break so it’s always a good thing to have plenty on hand and hey, when you’re famous you can throw them to the crowd after a show, so make sure you have extras!

A tuner is a great

Revolution Radio

The opening track ‘Somewhere Now’ sounds as if it belonged on ‘American Idiot’ as opposed to its follow up 5 albums later, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Especially considering the latter album hit number 5 on 2005’s global album chart amongst winning them many awards in the process. In fact the song is very strong, although risky to open up their ‘comeback’ album with a slow beginning, the switch to the homely feel of guitars, drums, bass and harmonies that every Green Day fan across the globe is used to is a one of a kind feeling. But its more than just an opening song to another Green Day album, it’s a statement, and it screams “We are back, and the revolution is on.”

‘Somewhere Now’ is abruptly followed by a scorcher of a single, and in fact the first single from the album; ‘Bang Bang’. The opening line samples a news segment on executions. If that doesn’t get your attention immediately, the punk riff ripping through your ear drums sure will, and any veteran Green Day fan will gleam ear to ear when the nostalgia of ’39/Smoothed Out’, ‘Kerplunk’ and ‘Dookie’ kicks in

Acoustic Guitar Buying Tips

Buying an acoustic guitar for the first time will require some time and effort from your part. After all, if you want to be owner of a good quality guitar that will allow you to practice and hone your skills, you can’t afford to buy just any acoustic guitar that you see in a music or online shop. If you are too hasty with the whole guitar shopping venture, you’ll just waste valuable money and time since you may end up having a poor-sounding and low quality musical instrument that will be broken in just a matter of months.

If it’s your first time to buy an acoustic guitar, below are some handy tips you should keep in mind:

Be on the lookout for any dents, cracks, nicks, and bridge separation.

Whether you are buying a new or used guitar, you have to make sure that there aren’t any parts of the guitar that are cracking or have serious wear on the finish. Keep in mind that even new ones can often be played or handled by customers and as such, they may fall off their stands and get bumped and even some scratches.

Music Gear Shopping

There are different types of music gear ranges that benefit your studio and practices. Portable keyboards are available in the market, which can be used wherever you want to play them. They have inbuilt speakers so there won’t be a need for any extra instrument to hear them. Some portable keyboards are both speaker attached and computer connectable as well.

Another useful gear is the drum mics. There are drum mic kits, which contain more than one microphone with accessories like clips, cases, etc. They are more affordable than buying single ones. These mics can also be used for different instruments. Both condenser and dynamic type microphones are available in the market that can be used for live performances and studio recordings respectively.

Electronic drums are most beneficial for drummers, who want to privately enjoy the sound. They have headphone attachments so that you can enjoy your own creation without the embarrassment of others hearing them. They are quieter than the acoustic drums, which makes every situation a perfect time to enjoy your own drumming without disturbing others.

With the amazing electronic drum of yours, a drum monitor or drum amplifier is the best gear

Info of Contemporary Musicians

When you are looking for contemporary musicians, what comes to mind? I bet I know. Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez. Katy Perry. Florida Georgia Line. Dirks Bentley. Chainsmokers. Lil Wayne. Ringing bells?

Despite your best efforts, you’ve probably heard certain names a little more than you would have liked to. Don’t worry. The names that have been jammed into your reluctant ears OVER and OVER and OVER are not at all the only musicians making music these days and not all music is about shallow, superficial themes and nonsense. Marketing has been working hard to drown out everyone but a few people but fear not, here are a few breaths of fresh air who are contemporary, tasteful and you might not have heard of them as much as the names I mentioned.

These are some people who put the “art” back in contemporary artist.

Janelle Monae – Imagine a powerful, stage moving female love child of James Brown, Tina Turner and George Clinton. Her range is absolutely ridiculous and unlike many image heavy performers, she’s authentic and transparent. She seems to exude energy that has hasn’t been fabricated by a label, a focus group or a

Types Of Music


It’s said to be one of the oldest surviving styles of modern times. Most people consider it as the most restrictive and formal types of music. It’s sung with uncontrolled vibrato and total emotional release. While the music is great, it often lacks the intimacy that is common with most other types of songs. There are many types of this music including: opera, madrigals, symphony, chamber music, choral and Gregorian chant.


This is a broad form of music that is characterized by a strong beat, simple chord structure, and often played loudly. The main instruments used are electric guitar, bass, vocals, and drums. Experts report that the songs originated from the fusion of country music and blues. There are many types of this music under this genre. They include: Rock n roll, southern, garage, glam and punk rock.


Country music emerged in 1920. Experts believe that it emerged from folk songs of the southern USA. Just like the blues music, the songs feature a simple, three-chord arrangement. This arrangement gives a lot of room for innovation. The songs are sung using different instruments such as harmonicas, banjos, electric guitars and