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Mix Your Songs for Radio and TV

Only high quality music is played on radio and TV; therefore, you should ensure that yours if of high quality. If you don’t have the production skills you should ensure that a professional handles the production part. In addition to ensuring that the music you produce is of high quality you should also ensure that the sound quality is good.

Remember that many people listen to radio through cheap car speakers, ear buds and boomboxes. This means that if your song won’t come out great on these devices, many listeners won’t be pleased with it.

To ensure that your song sounds great on these devices you should play your music using different devices and listen to how it sounds. For example, you should patch the music into car-stereo speakers or bookshelf speakers. You should also dub the mix to a CD and play it through PC speakers or boombox. You should then listen and adjust it accordingly. Experts recommend that you should mix at nominal volume level. This is to ensure that you are able to hear all the parts clearly.

When recording the music you should avoid cluttering it. This calls for you to focus on the main ingredients such as the guitar, bass, rhythm, and percussion. As rule of thumb you should use the right instrument at the right place.

When it comes to vocals, ensure that the lead vocal is good and prominent. This is to ensure that the listener doesn’t strain to hear you above the backing track.